What is the Asylum?

Share items you are excited about.  Share experiences you encounter.  Share your vices. Share your favorite technology. Share music and cinema trends.  Submissions will be used to gather ideas for articles straight from the views of our community.  Little by little, breaking down the barriers and growing our comfort with Asserting the value individualism.  If your submission is selected, you will receive a shout out and Assert Asylum will show our appreciation for your perspective with free Asylum Gear.  Welcome!

Assert Asylum is a movement driven to encourage the confidence to embrace individuality.  Nothing is more valuable than openly communicating and sharing experiences, opinions, beliefs, and preferences.  Culture has eroded our comfort level with human uniqueness. More and more, we shy away from sharing differing beliefs, preferences, or opinions.  However,  Assert Asylum aims to provide a platform for individuals to Assert their individual preferences while simultaneously gaining exposure to trends, items, and experiences not previously on their radar. We believe that individuality and expression are assets.  The beauty of people is uniqueness and technology has given us a platform for instant access to information like never before. We hope to expose our followers to a wide array of innovative products, examples of creativity, technological advancements, new developments, and community/environmental betterment.  

We encourage our followers to share items with our team to be considered for highlighting. We will select from our community members and display their vantage point Assertively.  Be yourself, share your favorite trends and experiences, gain perspective, and perpetuate cultural growth.  One Asylum member at a time, we will build a culture where individuality is seen as a beautiful thing.

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The Asylum - Proponents of Revolutionary Perspective