Microsoft Hololens - Bringing Holograms to Your World

Microsoft is working on an untethered computer that has the potential to change the way we think about and interact with electronics.  The Hololens is a sleek headset that projects high-definition holograms over the top of your real world environment.  The device is powered by Windows 10, which incorporates API's to support holographic computing. The Windows platform will allow the Hololens to have an environmental understanding and the user to interact via sight, gestures, and voice control.  All of the familiar Windows applications will have the ability to reshape themselves for use on the Hololens and will provide seamless integration with other Windows devices.  Microsoft is releasing the development edition to insiders in late March and their community of developers will work diligently to create applications that showcase the possibilities and benefits of interacting with a mixed reality environment. The augmented reality is created by a holographic lens, depth camera, and interactive surround sound located near the ears. Through creative use of these technologies, the Hololens blends holographic content into your physical environment with real world context and scale.  The user will be able to interact with digital content and maintain awareness of the world around them. The uses for mixed reality technology are far more practical than submersion into a virtual world and this is only the beginning of the future for human and computer interaction.  Gaming will be a huge part of the initial appeal.  However, as the internet of things evolves and virtual devices become easily wearable, it is exciting to imagine how interaction with electronics will change over the next 5 years.