Google's Smart Contact Lens - Monitors Patient's Blood Sugar

Video explanation of Google's contact lens


Google has teamed up with pharmaceutical giant Novartis and is working towards a contact lens that will help sufferers of diabetes manage their illness.   This kind of collaboration is the new trend where technology companies are entering partnerships with the healthcare industry because of the potential for billions of dollars in revenue that comes with successful development, design, and implementation of a revolutionary idea.

Technology is already being used for remote monitoring and consultations between doctors and patients. Google is eager to utilize its Glass Technology to make a difference and simplify the method of communication and management of diabetes.

The licensing deal is an agreement between Google and Novartis and the companies are very close to releasing a contact lens with a low power microchip and thin circuit capable of measuring the user's blood sugar through tears.  The contact lens immediately sends the data to a mobile device to keep the patient informed of their current status.

This is only the beginning of technology being used to manage our health and it is exciting to imagine how innovation will change the landscape of this industry.