Catapult ClearSky - Tracking Athletic Movements

I wouldn't go as far as to say that there was a problem to solve with this one.  However, we also respect using innovation for continued betterment.  The latest trend is to fit the world's best athletes with highly accurate GPS based monitors.  The system uses triangulation to track an athletes every move via strategically located nodes.  The data is collected and analyzed in real time to show the precision of athletes.  The most elite sports organizations in the world are using the innovative technology to monitor the health and performance of their athletes. Imagine if a coach can truly tell which players have the so called, "ice in their veins."  A game comes down to the final seconds and the coach looks down to his tablet to get a read on heart-rates.  He then flips to another tab to get statistical analysis of movements so that he can identify signs of fatigue.  This is very cool for sports fans.