Sengled Lighting

Sengled Optoelectronics Co. is founded on the concept of bringing innovation and new ideas to the lighting industry.  The core concept of their business is to combine consumer electronics with energy saving LED light bulbs.  The family of products is app controlled, environmentally friendly, and can reduce the number of visible devices in your home.

The Boost is the world's first Wi-Fi extending LED light bulb. By adding these bulbs you can eliminate wireless dead spots and increase the range of your network.  The setup is easy and they support 300Mbps.


The Pulse is an LED light bulb and wireless speaker. You can connect up to 8 bulbs with integrated control through an Android app.  The audio technology is Bluetooth from JBL to provide high-quality sound.


Snap combines an outdoor LED light bulb with a wireless HD security camera.  The camera produces high quality video that can be viewed instantaneously and stored in the cloud.