Withings Thermo

Introducing the revolutionary thermometer from Withings that is a true game changer. The Thermo features Withings' trademarked HotSpotSensor resulting in a rare combination of comfort and accuracy for a thermometer.  With a simple gesture, the user receives the most accurate temperature possible and automatically syncs to a dedicated app via WiFi or Bluetooth.  The app tracks your temperature readings, provides a simple analysis, sends a patient reminders, and you can input relevant information such as symptoms or medications.  The personalized Thermo diary can be shared with your doctor at any time with the click of a button.  The greatest feature of all is the usability.  Most people don't enjoy a temperature reading regardless of the method of acquisition.   With a light touch on the temple, the HotSpotSensor is able to provide color coordinated feedback that is relevant to the user's personalized profile.  Using the temple to take the reading provides families with the most hygienic option for a family thermometer.