Ozobot 2.0

Our children are the future and it is our responsibility to encourage them to crave knowledge and respect creativity.  Children have a naturally inquisitive nature that is the result of a passion for gaining an understanding of every new experience. When a child begins the phase of who, what, where, when, and why, many adults have forgotten what it's like to possess that eagerness to understand.  The child's questions are often viewed as bothersome instead of recognized as the development of creativity. These are the moments to lead by example and are an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of knowledge.  It's a shame our inner desire to learn is lost at some point along the way, and I encourage you to reflect on each new experience and develop your own opinions. But that's another topic. Ozobot 2.0 is designed to empower the creativity within your child and allow them to learn while having fun.  With Ozobot 2.0, the child is truly the developer of technology and is exposed to STEM learning and robotics.  The interaction feeds their hunger for knowledge and encourages continued development of skills.  What's better than a children's toy that is loads of fun and at the same time, empowers them to tackle the future?

Thank you Kevin Corrie for the submission!