TiVo Bolt

The majority of cable users have a limited number of providers in their servicing area. Cable companies are able to charge extreme subscription fees as a result of controlled competition and the lack of market saturation.  The immense fees and evolution of streaming technologies have driven a large percentage of consumers to cut the cord, or at the very least research the idea.  One of the major downfalls of cutting the cord, aside from access to sports, is not having a guide or DVR capabilities. The technology to solve the problem isn't new and has been available via a monthly subscription service that goes against a cord cutter's desire to eliminate monthly subscriptions.  TiVo has introduced The Bolt which is loaded with features that may convince cord cutters to finally have an interest.  This is no longer a DVR and has been revolutionized into a unified entertainment center.  The box gives the user DVR capability with a typical cable subscription but can also record programming from over the air content.  The Bolt also acts as an entertainment system that allows for switching between all of the apps utilized to access media and content.  Along with 4K capabilities, the Bolt now includes an upgraded guide with a filtering feature and an interface that is full HD.  The DVR for cord cutters just got better.