I always click the "forgot password" button. Then I go to my email to get the recovery key so I can finally login.  Only after logging in, I am prompted to reset to a new password and forced to login again. This is tiresome and often ends with giving up and walking away. Different websites have varying requirements on characters, length of passwords, and capitalization requirements making it impossible to have a uniform password. Insert EveryKey; the master key for all digital passwords. This thing should have been named Zuul.  It's not quite the watcher of Gozer, or a demigod but can rightfully declare itself the gate keeper of all things digital. Sigourney Weaver as Dana Barrett for a spokesperson?  Come on, who didn't love Ghostbusters? Anyway, its a wearable key that unlocks phones, laptops, and websites whenever you are in the vicinity. Thank goodness.