Do you find yourself calling your mom every time you lay out your ingredients to ask for her playbook on how to turn it all into something edible? After all your hard work you have managed to turn your grocery store visit into a plate from which your dog would sniff once and walk away.  It's okay to admit, stuff happens. However, don't get discouraged. The majority of the culinary inclined don't follow a process but rely on their intuition and knowledge of food to consistently whip up killer dishes. If you aren't blessed with the intuition you are in luck!  Beg your significant other, friends, or family to give you a mulligan and start planning the dish you will create to wow them. Technology has an answer for everything and Pantelligent has arrived.  This smart pan has an easy to use app that talks you through your masterpiece.  The pan alerts you when to adjust temperature, when to flip, and when to add other ingredients.  Welcome to culinary excellence!