Bluesmart Luggage

If you spend a lot of time traveling then you probably have encountered the dreaded lost luggage. Losing your bag is awful regardless of the occasion.  Your little one can end up without diapers or you may have to wing your big presentation in the white knee highs and Tommy Bahama shirt you purchased at the airport.   Bluesmart has developed a bag with Bluetooth connectivity and GPS tracking to prevent the panic in these situations.  The bag is a perfect fit in an overhead compartment, sports the rolling wheels, a Bluetooth controlled locking device, two USB ports for charging devices, an alarm to notify you if you leave it behind, and a built in scale.  All of these features are much more than I ever thought I needed in luggage.  However,  if you're like Elaine Benes and don't tip your skycap, this bag will allow you to avoid reaping the retribution when your bags are shipped to Honolulu out of spite.  Simple enough, if you travel a lot this bag is for you.