Verilux Wand

Verilux had Monk in mind when they developed this masterpiece that could only be rivaled by Michelangelo or Picasso. Okay, they had someone like me in mind too. I rarely admit it but there are two things that irk me; people chewing loudly and germs.  I am working on it because we don't believe in judgement here at the Asylum.  I wouldn't say I judge but I start wondering how someone's mom allowed them to make it to this point in life without learning to wash hands or chew with their mouth closed.  It isn't judgement, I promise. Anyway, Verilux sanitizing wand is designed for everyone else that does chew politely and makes a conscious effort not to spread germs.  The wand uses UV-C light technology to kill 99.9% of germs, eliminates odor, and does not leave behind chemical irritants.  Monk is pleased. I am pleased. Clean your germs.