The Hive Inc.

Subscription based technology scares people and for good reason. I get it, the commitment sucks, customer service is usually sub-par, and your hardware is outdated by the time you are eligible for an upgrade. The Hive Inc.'s Amplicity will change that. What if the subscription was 6 months for $99? To make things even better, what if at the end of 6 months you got to upgrade to new hardware? What if I told you this wasn't for a mobile phone but for a modular PC with the latest software, full Adobe suite, and a terabyte of memory?  Computers have been getting smaller for years but the new age professional requires better graphics, more power, and large amounts of storage to handle high definition data. You are no longer stuck at your workstation until 2 am.  That whole work-life balance may be something only written in books going forward but a creative designer now has the tools they need on a device as small as your cell phone.