Starry Wi-Fi

You may not be familiar with Chet Kanojia but chances are he got your attention with his previous venture.  Kanojia is the mind behind Aereo, an innovative tech company that offered an $8 a month subscription to rent an antenna that gave access to television and cloud based DVR. The problem is cable companies worked hard to convert all users to digital cable in order to reap large profits. Aereo was taken to the supreme court by television conglomerates for violating copyrights and ultimately driven to bankruptcy.  Real innovators continue pushing forward by reanalyzing their environment and performing what is called a pivot.  Kanojia's plan B is now available. Starry uses a similar technology to provide gigabit internet service without the wires.  Disruptive innovation at its finest.  Kanojia is providing consumers an option as to how they get their internet. The typical person has to choose between two internet providers in their area. The costs are high because of lack of competition and the needed infrastructure is an insurmountable barrier to entry.  If you aren't interested in investigating Starry internet service after this, they still have you in mind.  Starry has developed the first smart router that diagnoses your internet's issues, connects automatically, and reports on the strength of service through a touch screen.  Check them out.

Starry Wi-Fi Station
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