Netatmo Camera

When a company develops a product that adds value in multiple ways, they set themselves up to succeed in various markets.  It's easier said than done but is like striking gold when successfully implemented.  Netatmo Welcome is one of those products.  Welcome is a home camera with face recognition technology that notifies the homeowner through a smart device when someone enters their home.   Parents can sleep peacefully knowing their Welcome system will notify them as their teenagers come home safely for the night.  The system also provides peace of mind by sending alerts when an unrecognized face is detected.  Netatmo has included live video feed so the user knows exactly what is happening and can take action if necessary.  If this technology was around in 1990, society would have been deprived of classics like Home Alone.  Kevin's parents would have been notified when he came out of the hide away bed letting them know they should be ashamed of themselves.   Even if already in flight, they would have been able notify the police that a couple of bumbling idiots were trying to leave their call sign.  A life without The Wet Bandits? It's a good thing Netatmo wasn't before their time.