EZPZ Happy Mat

Children are amazing and learn incredibly quickly.  They naturally possess many of the concepts that the Asylum is promoting.  Our little ones view the world with open eyes and are continuously developing their own ways to solve problems that may or may not align with what they have been taught.  They are quite innovative and think uniquely when conjuring up a strategy. When do we lose those qualities? EZPZ has developed an innovative solution to one of the biggest problems that parents face in the early years with children.  Children don't possess the motor skills required to prevent the huge mess that more often than not coincides with a messy dinner. Happy Mats are a silicone place-mat and plate combination that suction to any table surface to prevent the historically inevitable toddler spill.  The mat is impossible to tip or slide and makes dinner fun for your child.  We still recommend a good handful of napkins but this is a creatively effective development that will soon accompany most toddlers at the dinner table. Dinner table time is an important part of connecting with your child and can now be spent asking about what discoveries they made throughout their day without the stress of a good old fashioned spaghetti bath.